GlocalMarketingCAMP – not a typo but a consciously chosen combination of local and global know-how. If you do not have a (well functioning) marketing organization yet, or you believe that cooperation between global and local marketing could be better? This ist he situation in which our GlocalMarketingCAMP can help you lift colaboration in marketing to a new level. – Your organization becomes more efficient and more competitive through combining global and local competencies.

What is the GlocalMarketingCAMP?
The essence of our know-how. A comprehensive program, lifting your marketing organization to a new level.
- We jointly define the future structure and related processes with you.
- As well as all tools for efficient collaboration (from the agency brief to personal objectives agreements)
- We train you and your entire organization.
- We implement the jointly defined processes.

Of course you chose the scope of our work and the extent you wish to benefit from our expertise. If you plan for a pilot project first or you want to start immediately with the entire organization. If you want to take the stepwise approach spread across several quarters or the radical change. We adjust our offer to your needs.

When does a GlocalMarketingCAMP make sense?
You have decided to make local and global marketing work more closely together? You painfully suffered from inefficient or even non existent colaboration between global and local marketing? You want your company to grow faster, so the organization needs to grow as well? Then our GlocalMarketingCAMP is exactly right for you.

Which benefit can I expect from the GlocalMarketingCAMP?
We develop your marketing organization into a competitive team together with you. You motivate your team by reducing frustration and improving collaboration. You develop your marketing plans faster and implement them quicker. You steer your agency partners more efficiently. Your company becomes more competitive.

What does it cost?
As our proposals are always tailormade to your specific requirements, we define related costs always in a personal discussion.
Challenge us on our competitive rates.

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