Knowhow for Agencies

You want to attract OTC/Pharma customers?
You plan to improve the OTC/Pharma experience in your team? Challenge us! We offer our OTC/Pharma expertise from over 15 years of brand management in the OTC/Pharma industry. We have worked on some of the largest budgets (e.g.. Aspirin from Bayer) and the smaller ones for your potential customers. National and international. We know exactly what customers in the OTC/Pharma industry desire!

We offer our expertise in the OTC/Pharma industry, so you can further build your OTC/Pharma business.

We enable a professional image at OTC/Pharma customers:
Even though you might not have extensive experience as an agency with OTC/Pharma companies – with us, you gain this experience literaly over night. Something your potential customers will realize immediately.

Quick on-site service:
We not only provide our services “from a distance”, but we join your team during the hot phase of the pitch preparation on site at your premises. So you have direct access to our expertise.

Sparrings partner to optimize the presentation:
You have already prepared the pitch presentation, but you do not yet feel comfortable with it? Not sure, whether you have pulled all the triggers important to your future customer? We help you, optimizing your pitch presentation.

Contacts in the OTC/Pharma industry:
You are looking for new business in the OTC/Pharma industry? – We know the industry inside out. Together we create the best solutions for the customers in the OTC/Pharma industry.

Your benefits as an agency:
• You deploy your internal ressources more focussed on the real needs of your future customers.
• You shorten the preparation time for the pitch presentation.
• You focus on what is your strengths, the media expertise.
• You build OTC/Pharma competence in your team.

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