Our QuickCheck quickly shows how healthy your brand is
We will show you, where to focus to create growth, if you invest 1–2 hours of your valuable time for answering our structured questionnaire. We then investigate, analyze and – present to you a pragmatic and reality proof activity list, showing the growth potential of your brand. A brand profile shows you strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitiors, as well as defines leverage points for growth.

What is QuickCheck?
QuickCheck is a health check for your OTC brand, showing its growth potential on the base of existing information and data – and our expertise.

When does QuickCheck make sense?
QuickCheck is most suited for underperforming brands from which you expect more growth. It is also an efficient way to define leverage points for brands you simply didn`t find the time to manage due to other priorities – but you want to be prepared for upper management questions.

Which benefit can I expect from QuickCheck?
With little effort and budget, you get tangible options for the activation of your brand. A starting point for strategy development and communication development, which lays the foundation for the brand growth you`re wishing for.

What is QuickCheck based on?
We investigate the relevant qualitative information of your competitors in the defined markets. We then analyze your IMS health, GfK or Euromonitor data – upon request, we do also purchase these data on your behalf or do ad-hoc studies with our experienced partners if need be.

What does it cost?
First and foremost about 1 – 2 hours of your time. Within one week after the structured interview, you will receive a 10–15 page results presentation. As our analysis’ are always tailormade to your specific requirements, we define related costs always in a personal discussion.
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