With our ReAppCAMP, you can integrate your local subsidiaries and partners into a brand roll-out project early on. So you avoid the „not-invented-here“ syndrome. Carada-Strategy acts as a neutral facilitator, steering the process, so you have the time to focus on your personal objectives.

What is the ReAppCAMP?
ReAppCAMP is a flexible process, which improves the acceptance of global marketing activities through an integrated approach, which helps speed-up implementation and roll-out of your brand into the target markets.

When does the ReAppCAMP make sense?
For companies having a global marketing organization installed and who have decided to leave the entire sales responsibility with the local organization – for good reason. ReAppCAMP is designed to build acceptance at subsidiaries and partners for global marketing activities with only minor adjustments to the global brand strategy and without questioning the local sales responsibility.

Which benefit can I expect from the ReAppCAMP?
You achieve acceptance for your global roll-out plans much quicker in all relevant markets, so you can launch faster – ahead of competition. You can focus on the content and your personal objectives, while we facilitate the process and guide the team through the project.

What does it cost?
As our proposals are always tailormade to your specific requirements, we define related costs always in a personal discussion.
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