In our BrandManagerCAMP your team learns how to quickly and efficiently build a brand strategy based on a market analysis and how to get from the strategy via the business case to the creative brief. The trainig program is individually tailored to your teams`needs. It motivates your brand managers and makes your team more competitive. No matter if you chose a 1 day intense training or multiple days program with reflection sessions and groupworks in between. We provide the basics of marketing excellence using your company specific brands as case studies.

What is the BrandManagerCAMP?
A Marketing Excellence Training program with a maximum of 10 training days. It is held either on site at your premises or at our headquarter in Baden-Baden. You decide upon the focus and the duration, we organise the tailored program for you.

For whom does the BrandManagerCAMP make sense?
For Junior Brand Managers or other people new in a marketing role. Or if you want to raise awarenes for the marketing activities in sales, trademarketing or even regulatory and procurement departments. You want to establish certain formats and processes or tools (e.g. standardised agency briefs)? Then the Carada-Strategy BrandManagemerCAMP is exactly what you were looking for.

Which benefit can I expect from the BrandManagerCAMP?
Different to other training programs, you can define your company specific content you want to transfer. The only input we need is a few hints from you and we define the training program with your examples. Participants will work exactly on what you defined as key issues for your brand(s). Your team not only learns about the most modern marketing techniques but also gets back to you with solutions for day-to-day business.

What does it cost?
As our proposals are always tailormade to your specific requirements, we define related costs always in a personal discussion.
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