Not sure which brand has the biggest potential in which country? In the StrategyCAMP we find it out together with you. Different to other consultancy firms, we do not start with a huge benchmarking analysis of all potential countries and all potential brands (which saves you already several thousands of Euros) – but with consumer insights. Because we know from our experience that in the end, the most promising country is not necessarily the one with the largest market, fastest growth or lowest competitve intensity – but the one in which you as a company and your brand with its unique properties are most competitive. We are not looking for the theoretical potential but for the real one.

Our Brand Strategy Process
With our brand strategy process, you quickly get to a ranking of the most promising markets for your brand as well as a quantified sales potential. A solid base for your business case. You safe time and money for an expensive benchmarking analysis – so you are one step ahead of competition.

What is the StrategyCAMP?
A process after which you have a competitive and quantified positioning for your brand for defined countries. It is done primarily based on data and know-how available in your company and with the know-how of our partners from the target markets (optional).
Togehter we develop the most promissing positioning for your brand as a base for a solid business case.

When does a StrategyCAMP make sense?
You are planning further launches of your brand into other countries. But you are not sure where to start the roll-out.
You need a solid busines case to get approval from upper management for your project? Then our StrategyCAMP is what you are looking for.

Which benefit can I expect from the StrategyCAMP?
Different to a regular benchmarking or market potential analysis, we do not deliver a theoretical potential for each market, but a solid base for your business case with consumer offake volume already assessed in defined countries.
Instead of only capturing the status quo of market size, growth rates or competitiveness, you get first hand feedback on your brand offer from your potential customers including those currently not buying in the category. Our unique approach saves you time and money for cost intensive analysis and delivers more reliable data. If need be, we involve also your local subsidiaries from the target markets – Thus raising awareness and interest for a new growth opportunity early on. This is how you can save time and effort otherwise needed for lengthy alignment discussions with the markets.

What does it cost?
As our proposals are always tailormade to your specific requirements, we define related costs always in a personal discussion.
Challenge us on our competitive rates.

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