The Story

Formation of Carada-Strategy:
After more than 20 years in the FMCG industry, thereof more than 15 years in the OTC world in local and global marketing roles, Carada-Strategy was founded in March 2014 by Gerald Peter.
After having worked for brands such as Aspirin®, Aspirin Complex®, Rennie®, Aleve®, Saridon®, Aktren®, Ambi-Pur®, Ambi-Pur® Flush, Ambi-Pur®Car – amongst others and in OTC companies like Bayer, Roche and Heel and FMCG firms like GSK and SaraLee, it was about time to offer a specific solution for a need in the OTC market: Better brand strategies for the OTC industry combined with the unique claim of our credo: Never me-too. no copy just originals and always with the brand in mind.

Where does the Name Carada-Strategy come from?
It was not an easy decision, as the company name should meet some key requirements: It was intended to be unique in the consultancy arena, it should contain a promise and support the vision of the new company. It should be international and easy to remember as well as potentialy registered as a brand.

Germanic Mythology: Kunrada, the advisor of the tribe.
Finally Geralds’ daughter found the name in the Germanic mythology – after a thorough briefing and the negotiation of a reasonable fee (a chocolate bar – payment due immediately). Just like all daughters, also Marie quickly convinced her father. Kunrada – because oft he international use and to make it easy to remember adjusted to Carada – was the favorite amongst several proposals. Completed with the word strategy, the name expresses what the company stands for: Consulting based on comprehensive experience and competence. It stands for fact based and reliable information. It gives direction for unique brand strategies in a crisis situation or in unexpected opportunities. It stands for our ambition to not only serve the company but also the people involved as a personal consultant for individual managers or the entire team.

Our ambition: Never me-too – always unique.
Carada-Strategy refrains from the usual bling-bling, from the detached marketing language avoiding the wafts of mist of bloomy words. We do not hide behind flowery phrases but explain clearly what we think and mention also the nasty truth (a relic from our German roots). We are convinced that only with successful customers our company will be successful too. We realized that there are no „one-fits-all“ solutions but complexity can only be resolved with experience and specific skills. Therefore we always offer unique solutions for the OTC industry, following our credo: Never me-too.

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