Question 1: Does Carada-Strategy also offer consultancy for non OTC/Pharma companies?
Answer: No – Carada-Strategy focusses on the OTC/Pharma Industry only. Together with our customers, we develop strategies and marketing plans for over-the-counter, prescription free drugs and foodsupplements and other medicinal products. This is our field of expertise which we believe ist he base for best in class consultancy.

Question 2: How is Carada-Strategy different from a regular creative agency?
Answer: Different to a creative agency, Carada-Strategy understands the customers point of view on the business from our own experience. The success of our customers’ brand is what drives us – and not the next creative award. Also, we develop our brand strategies independent from the influence of potential communication channels, so we only chose what is good for the brand and not for the creative agency.

Question 3: How is Carada-Strategy different from a normal business consultancy?
Answer: Different to a business consultancy, Carada-Strategy focusses only on the OTC/Pharma industry. And within this industry, we only offer specific services in the areas of brand strategies, processes, organization management and related tools to improve efficiency on a national or international level. We only work with experienced consultants and partners – i.e. an outstanding degree from a renowned university is not what we believe can help our clients, to deliver tangible results. By focussing on the OTC/Pharma industry, we have a better network, we exactly know our customers’ needs from our own experience, which enables us, to not only deliver results but also give personal advice to individual managers.

Question 4: Does Carada-Strategy also consult for smal-and-medium sized companies (SME)?
Answer: Yes – Carada-Strategy consults companies of all sizes in the OTC/Pharma industry. Our experience from blue chip OTC companies as well as from small and dynamic enterprises enables us, to find tailormade solutions for your company.

Question 5: Does Carada-Strategy also offer creative- or media- planning and buying services?
Answer: No. Carada-Strategy develops together with you and your team competitive brand strategies for your brand(s) until a final briefing fort he creative- and media agency.
Optionally, we also support you in finding the right agency partners for creative- and media services by reaching out to our contacts in the industry.
Of course, we also support you during the implementation phase of the brand strategy into your organization by training your team and optimizing processes in national and international marketing structures.

Question 6: Does Carada-Strategy also offer in-house trainings?
Answer: Yes, as all our trainings are tailored to the individual needs of our clients, we train your staff at your premises. Up to 20 participants per group can also be trained a tour training center in Baden-Baden, Germany

Question 7: Can you recommend a good agency for OTC communication or media?
Answer: Through our network, we have access to a number of service providers who are happy to help you with the implementation oft he strategies developed together with Carada-Strategy. Simply get in contact with us – we will find you a tailored solution for your needs.